If you want to set up online store (ecommerce website Design and Development), with a shopping cart and payment gateway facility, we have what it takes to accomplish it for you.

What is E-Commerce ?

Electronic Commerce ( or E-Commerce or EC) is the paperless exchange of business information or execution of business transaction using Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) and related technologies. If you are familiar with Electronic Mail (E-Mail), computer bulletin boards, facsimile machines (faxes), Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT), you can easily understand what is e-commerce. These are all forms of EC. All EC systems replace all or key parts of paper-based work flow with faster, cheaper, more efficient, and more reliable communications between machines.

Why E-Commerce ?

The Web Development team at Digital Cinematics can help a business grow by incorporating the e-commerce features in their website. It is very advantageous to many business concerns as by enabling e-commerce in their website they open up a newer market which is untouched by their competitors. The customers get their desired products at the click of a mouse and in the cosy comfort of their homes. There are a lot of customers who will prefer this over running around in the market to find their product.
So, will you take the plunge and get installed advanced e-commerce features like these in your website -

  • Customized shopping carts
  • Database-driven product catalogs
  • Secure credit card processing
  • Secure forms processing
  • Recurring subscriptions
  • On-line donations
  • Affiliate sales programs
  • Customer preference surveys
  • Patient satisfaction surveys



How does an E-Commerce website work ?


  • Creating Customized Shopping Cart :-      

Shopping Cart is like a store front where you can display your products, catalogue, price etc. The customer comes to your store through website and selects the item which he requires. After selection, he will be shown the total amount to be paid for the items he has selected. He would be given an option for paying through Credit/Debit Card or Online Banking and complete the transaction.

  • Approaching Payment Gateway Service Provider :-      

Now the Payment Gateway Service Provider comes into picture which is authorized to accept credit/debit card on behalf of merchant. It may be a Bank or Authorised Company who can accept and process credit card online. They Provide us with the payment gateway software that needs to be integrated with the website to enable secure transaction. There is another facility of direct debit which  will deduct the necessary amount from your online account and transfer that amount to the account of the party selling goods, thereby completing the transaction.

  • Integrating Payment Gateway with your Website :-      

This is very important part and the last stage of completing you e-presence. Our Team at Digital Cinematics will integrate the Payment Gateway software with your website to carry online transaction safely and securely.




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