Film & Documentaries

We specialize in documentary film making or short film making which are ideal for anyone who wants to convey his message in a powerful manner. We have a team of team of expert writers, editors and directors, who by analyzing the thoughts and sentiments of clients, endeavour to express them cinematically by bringing together our varied and long experience and expertise. We make available these services at very competitive prices depending on the scope of the project.

Documentary Film Making
Be it the need for addressing a social issue or building an informative film, our documentary film making team are here to convey your desired message in a moving manner. Our pool of adroit camera men, script writers, editors etc. along with intensive experience assists us to maintain a very high standard of film productions.

Moreover, we leave no stone unturned when it comes to using all the hi-tech equipments and services essential for film making which results in great aesthetic appeal in all of our projects. Our pre-production equipments are state of the art which include:

• HD/SD Video cameras
• Shooting lights
• Microphones
• Studio floor featuring all the latest advancements.
• Other facilities for indoor & outdoor shooting.

Apart from these, all of our post-production facilities are performed using these softwares and equipments :

• Editing machines(latest models or softwares)
• Dubbing machines(same here)
• Recording machines(same here)
• Mixing machines(same here)

All the equipments mentioned here are loaded with latest and cutting edge softwares in order to create great viewing pleasure and make the video & audio production moving as well as entertaining.



Video Film Production/Video Editing

Having made notable inroads in the domestic market, we offer our clients quality film production and video editing services. These services are delivered by our well experienced production and post-production personnel who integrate their experience with latest hi-tech equipments and methods. This results in making our work immensely popular among our clients and their niche audience. We believe in focusing on our target audience and implement our work accordingly. No use applying latest gadgets for the sake of it. Our long experience and varied knowledge base helps us evaluate our clients’ needs better to create our work accordingly.

Video Film Production

Justifying our position in the niche segment, we offer our clients industry specific video film production and editing services. We have all the requisite infrastructure for film making and video editing like camera(latest models….), Microphones, advance featured Studios etc.
Moreover, we possess a team of dexterous manpower to serve the indoor & outdoor shooting needs of the clients.

Apart from this, we also extend our clients video editing services if they are only interested in converting their already shot video footages into a film. Even though it is not desirable to entrust the works of a film’s production and post-production to different organizations, we can still bring into play our flexible and ingenious expertise to work out a decent movie from it. Our highly qualified and experienced editors astutely edit the whole video incorporating special effects and graphics apart from the routine film making.

Our audio editors also bring their hard-core experience into play to make the sound of video film audible as well soothing to the ear. Moreover, we continuously improvise on our facilities to best suit specific projects to make the video films a real success.


Non Linear Editing

A non-linear editing system (NLE) is a video editing (NLVE) or audio editing (NLAE) system, which can effectively perform random access on the source material. We offer our clients superior quality non linear editing services, which are monitored by hi-tech softwares and modern equipment. Our team of experienced professionals is well aware of working on these equipments to their maximum capability.

Editing Services

Optimizing the latest technology and equipment, we provide our clients most effective non-linear editing services. For this purpose, we provide the clients basic setup. While executing these services, we follow the below mentioned processes:

• Capturing the video from recording device onto computer’s hard disk
• Editing it according to the projects' requirements
• Recording it again onto the tape

In addition, in order to make the video products in compliance with predefined standards of video production, we make use of advanced versions of non linear editing software, such as:

• Adobe Premiere CS4
• Final Cut Pro
• Avid Liquid
• Avid Xpress Pro
• Edius

Audio Visual Production

In order to make the audio and video works unforgettable and extremely effective, we provide our clients advanced audio visual technical expertise. These services are offered by our able workforce, who have rich experience in this sphere. Further, we also provide the option of using the latest equipments and softwares for our clients depending on the demands of a project. None of our projects are lacking in quality or aesthetic visual appeal for want of latest technologies. We diligently keep ourselves updated on latest innovations in the field of film making.

Production Services
We have the expertise to provide the most up-to-date and exceptional audio visual production services. For rendering the facilities and services concerning video production. We make available all the necessary tools, equipments and workforce required to make a full length video film, a documentary, short film or an advertisement, whether at pre-production or post-production stage.

Moreover, We also offer services and setup for audio productions, which includes dubbing, sound mixing, voice over, recording etc.

For this purpose, we make use of sophisticated devices and equipments such as sound mixers, tape recorders, microphones etc.

All these equipments are loaded with extremely high end softwares to enable us in ensuring the best output to our clients spread all over the country.

Ad Film Making Service

When it comes to providing high standard Ad film making services, we are a name to reckon with in the domestic market. Catering to the demands of various corporate offices, industries and other institutions, these services are capable of powerfully portraying the messages of clients’ business to their customers. Further, use of latest equipment enables us to render these services as per the customers' challenging specifications and exacting demands.

Advertising Services

Advertising is a wonderful and gripping way to boost your brand image and enhance your sale! Our professional Advertising services are thorougly and strategically designed to provide our clients with the most effective outcome. We are backed by a team of talented workforce, which comprises of :

• Copy writers
• Sound engineers
• Cameramen
• Video editors
• Graphic designers
• Web designers/developers
• Animators

Further, our sophisticated and experienced production house has the capability to meet the needs of corporate houses across India. We render these advertising film making services as per the specifications and demands of our clients.

Video Coverage Services

Carving a niche for ourselves in the video broadcast segment, we offer our clients competent video coverage services. We keep into consideration the specifications and business needs of our clients when creating our projects. Exerting the best available modern equipment, we offer the video coverage to assist the clients in conveying their messages on different events effectively.

Live Video Coverage

With quality and customer satisfaction as our driving force, we provide our clients high standard of video coverage services.

Moreover, for video coverage of the events as ordered by our clients, we provide the most advanced equipment like (latest models) camera, microphones, tripods, etc.

We also provide responsible and adept workforcecc who are trained to use their relevant equipment in accordance with the demands of the undertaken projects with a view to maximize  viewer satisfaction.





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At the shoot of " Life of Mother Marie Des Anges"
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At the shoot of " Alternate Livelihood Support System "
  Our First Project ( Documentary on Mr. Priminister's Visit at Nirmali")   Our First Project ( Documentary on Mr. Priminister's Visit at Nirmali")
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